Can't Win The Last Task In Orient Campaign.

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First the motorcycle guy ran off and never came back to his single dwelling. Buddy told me (at the end) I needed to hire him. So now I have two houses with his avatar over both. It's like he lives in two houses. I'm not sure if the game is counting him as two performers since he lives in two houses and that is the reason I can't win the 'Superb' show at the end where the Princess is leaving to go study at college.

If not then the game is glitched there but it also counts as chaotic if a Performer has to come back out with the kids performers to do their tricks. I have three kids in that town in my circus, two born to my avatar and his wife, and one born to the Pearl of the Orient. They have all learned the five star tricks they must do together. This is also counted as a chaotic smiley face and goes against winning the game.

I can't fire my own kids in the game, so they both know tricks separate that are five star they must do each and then one together that is five star. This causes chaotic response if another performer has to come out with them to stand with them while they do their tricks, times 2, equals to chaotic. I tried to let them forget the better tricks so they could just preform the four start tricks together but that still equals one chaotic smiley face since an adult that has to perform too in game will come back out.

I had to let the bears forget their tricks together because this also causes a chaotic face if one comes back out to preform with the other. This game is totally messed up in some ways.

BTW if you hit the F1 there is a handy trouble shooter that will tell you exactly the music and the lights and effects must all match the trick. And people don't like it if it all changes too soon...and to do the slow tricks before the fast tricks or the more energetic tricks. However, this will cause chaos if a performer knows the tightrope but the faster better trick (stars) is back down on the ground, like the jump/flip.

I have added on block of tricks at a time to see the response and gotten down to as low as one chaotic trick and only the best four to five star tricks and still can't win this. But maybe because the game has the motorcycle guy (he ran off before never came back had to rehire per dog) in two houses.


Re:Can't Win The Last Task In Orient Campaign.

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To continue explaining. If the kids know a five star trick together then they must preform the "Better" trick. So each one must preform 3 tricks each. But this makes them come out two times with two returning adults. (Or you can use the same adult) but this gives the total a 3 face chaotic face. Which won't win the game.

I have tried (takes a long time) to forget the five star tricks so they can do 'together' two four star tricks and one five star..which one only need one returning adult, this did lower it to one chaotic star, but the lady with the child also has to perform and her kid, too, so that is another chaotic face. That equals two and you can't win with just two chaotic faces. The performers must do the very best tricks so if it helps try to forget the ones that may cause chaos. I added one block of tricks at a time to see the repsonses. And it seems if any performer is seen more than once that causes chaos so you must carefully choose which performer learns what tricks from the beginning, because if they share tricks with more than one other person it causes a bad reaction per trick.

Other examples: if your horse knows several five star tricks with more than one performer then the horse reappearing with one and then the other later causes chaos. Because the tricks belong to the horse..note the trick panel not the performer and must be done by the horse if those are it's better tricks. So, using more than one performer to learn them instead of the same one all the time causes chaos.

Edited to add: If the elephant knows the four star spray the trainer trick and some of the other better tricks four star or five even if you put them in the block in order, four star, five star etc. They don't like a funny elephant trick mixed with the serious tricks. Go figure even if they are in correct order in the block. This will also cause a chaotic response from some. At least one chaotic face. It is better not to bring him out again either to do the funnier four star tricks to raise the fun, since that will also give a one chaotic face. But you need thrill and funny (more than 200 funny) or you will get a red face for boring.

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