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Data File location?

[Post New]by Catsnkites on Mar 19, 14 6:39 PM
I had a hard drive failure ... but I make frequent backups!

I'm not restoring everything, but I'm trying to put back the last three weeks of "stuff"

I was on Level 30 - something (all gold!!) and would really rather not start over ... where do I find the player data? I have restored "Program Files (x86) / Farm to Fork", but it still doesn't have my user and game progress, so I'm missing something ...

Where else should I look or restore?


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Re:Data File location?

[Post New]by Janette5 on Mar 24, 14 2:17 AM
It depends what operating system you are using.

On Windows 8 it is saving that data under:

Appdata / Roaming / Visual Shape / FarmtoFork

I think you may have to have the box ticked that says show all files even system and hidden files to see these files - I'm not sure as I by default have that box ticked as I need to see all the files.

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