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Tips and Tricks for A Fairy Tale

[Post New]by bfgCelebes on Mar 21, 09 11:46 AM
Go for the Gold – Combos are gained when a large number of tiles are dropped at once as the result of a match. Try matching tiles as high up as possible to gain Silver or Gold combos. The bigger the combo, the better the score!

Stop time – Since the levels are timed, keeping focus and using the pause button for breaks will make a huge difference in your score. If you complete a level in the green, you’ll get a gold score and in the yellow will get you a silver. If you complete in the red, you will not get a medal.

Tutorials are your friend – It can be easy to want to skip the tutorials, but since a lot is added throughout the first leg of the game, it’s good to pay attention. Knowing each aspect of the game play will result in higher scores.

Write it down – If the game “Memory” isn’t your forte, you may need a pencil and paper for the bonus games. The bonus games require that you remember where fairies are hidden under tiles. The bonus round doesn’t start until you click the mouse, so take a moment to write down where the fairies are hidden for a perfect score every time.

Feel free to post your own tips and tricks here!

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