What are each of the rooms meant for?

[Post New]by Natalala on Mar 24, 14 10:05 PM
I read that someone said that a message popped up from Margaret that the blue room should have 3 beds for little boys so it must be the bedroom for boys...... What are the other rooms supposed to be? Is there one meant for the girls? And what about the rest? Thanks! And while we r on the topic..... Who is Margaret?


Re:What are each of the rooms meant for?

[Post New]by blueknight1111 on Mar 25, 14 5:57 PM
The messages from Margaret and her husband are just little fun things that the game added. They are supposed to be little notes that your characters find hidden in corners that the pretend former owners of the house used to tell each other things; I've gotten like 2 so far. They didn't really mean anything. You can make each extra room anything you want, from a boys room to a girls room to anything else

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Re:What are each of the rooms meant for?

[Post New]by Natalala on Mar 25, 14 9:38 PM
Okay thanks that's what I thought, but do you think if you follow what it's supposed to be then it might unlock a secret?


Re:What are each of the rooms meant for?

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Apr 10, 14 9:11 AM
You can make the rooms whatever type room you want, but the game gives you plenty of clues. The middle room with a wide door frame is probably the dining room.

The foundation beside the main bathroom is where they go and wish for a laundry room or more closets. The large room to the north is where they often go to wish for a large living room. The room that is contaminated is clearly a bedroom, and the other two narrow rooms to the north of that contaminated room at the top are to be used for an extra bathroom, and a very narrow bedroom Bedroom 3. But you can decide which rooms get what furniture and use them anyway you want to in this game. But it is clear the dining room in the center room with the large open doorway. You can have a work out room, three or four bedrooms, no dining, a den, and a living room or whatever you want, even a game room.

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