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Dark Lord (?) released in RedShark's Den

[Post New]by Cheetarah on Mar 30, 14 12:10 AM
Any suggestions on how to take out the Dark Lord released in the RedShark's Den to the North of the "Barracks" room?

Thanks Bunches.

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Re:Dark Lord (?) released in RedShark's Den

[Post New]by ganonsbane on Mar 30, 14 7:50 AM
I always try to use attacks that Paralyze, Mute, & put the enemy to Sleep in the 1st round. It really depends on which Crests you have available.

This is what the Walkthrough says:

This monster can mute your members. So it is important that you paralyze it using shockwave or use intimidating eyes on it to mute it. Then use Motivate on Telma and let her cast Earth Blast. Wyatt can raise everyone’s speed by Agitate spell and then keep casting shockwave in a ‘motivated’ state. Uhra can cast Spirit’s aid on herself and then attack the boss physically. Scarllet can run other errands, heal HP or MP for others or hit the monster. That way it will go down pretty soon.


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