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Oh That Walkthrough!

[Post New]by Yaelle on Apr 2, 14 12:31 AM
I went specifically to look at the video walkthrough for this one part in particular (its a puzzle i'm stuck on ....hard to explain but it takes place outside & is a little game where you have to move a peg around a board without going over the same place twice - well guess what they did on the video walkthrough?!
Got to that part & SKIP!

And the funny thing is, I am reminded of the last time I played a HOG-type of game where I looked for a video walkthrough & the same thing happened.

I always wonder what other real gamers - the ones who don't play these kinds of casual, 4 hour, generic dime a dozen games think when they see videos of these kinds of games online They must feel like they're experiencing a totally new world of e-gaming.

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