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screen display?

[Post New]by bajacalla on Apr 4, 14 7:16 PM
ok, I downloaded the trial for this and fell in love with it, so I purchased it at the end of the trial.

now the screen is all wonky: too narrow, and the bottom part (i.e., inventory and all controls) are cut off. not one thing did I do differently.

I read in another post to change the screen from widescreen to full screen, but that only made it worse.

at this point, the game is unplayable, and I’m out the purchase price. I’d rather be able to play the game than get my money back, but something tells me that’s going to be the only resolution, as other games with this problem have never, ever, ever, ever be resolved by tech support.

has anyone else had this happen? if it had been this way in the demo, I wouldn’t have spent the money! why was it just fine in the demo, but carpola once I paid?


Re:screen display?

[Post New]by havfaith1 on Apr 10, 14 1:06 PM
I just uploaded the game and it only shows half the screen. The right side of the game is not visible. My current display settings (on a MacPro) are 1280x768 75Hz. I get a message saying I cannot display it as a window at those settings. I tried several other configurations, but nothing worked. Suggestions?

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Re:screen display?

[Post New]by hytte on Apr 16, 14 3:53 AM
I do not understand why bigfish is selling an old game for 13 $ (I bought mine in 2012 for 6$) !

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