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fire hoses

[Post New]by exact on Apr 5, 14 1:02 AM
I so wanted to do this mini game, but just could not figure it out. Any help out there??

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Re:fire hoses

[Post New]by nantyglyn on Apr 6, 14 9:47 PM
The hoses are quite tangled and some of the are impossible to tell where they go. I did figure them all out. In my solution the numbers in the LEFT column represent the extinguishers. The numbers in the RIGHT column represent which fire they put out. Highlight to see my solution:

extinguisher puts out fire #:

1 puts out fire 2
2 puts out 4
3 puts out 3
4 puts out 5
5 puts out 8
6 puts out 6
7 puts out 1
8 puts out 7

I hope I wrote this correctly! It's trickier to write than it is to explain orally.

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