large light cushion

[Post New]by kenjak on Apr 7, 14 6:19 AM
stuck at the rotunda how do i get the 3rd cushion as i have missed it and dont seem able to find it at the rotunda all it gives me is the chandelier


Re:large light cushion

[Post New]by LJG6542 on Apr 10, 14 12:13 AM
Just to make sure, I'll list all cushions.

1st: In the debris behind the captain on the first screen (next to the ship.)

2nd: In the ship interior, but a bit later. Use the spear to grab the sack on the ceiling. Then take the sack and use it on the mattress.

3rd: In the rotunda, at the bottom of the stairs, on the right side of the space where there is a fallen column. I think you have to use the axe on the shaft twice before you can take the spear to move another piece to get the 3rd pillow.

Hope this helps-I know I was helped by the strategy guide.

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