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French Street 3

[Post New]by Pegasus69 on Mar 22, 09 3:09 PM
I just cant get this and I cant progress any further with the game until I nail this one.

Any help gratefully received!

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Re:French Street 3

[Post New]by rawbiesgrl on Apr 3, 09 10:15 PM
it's been awhile since I've played it, but in order to get past, you must be able to buy the required equipment, you can do that buy going back to the previous level and replay the games to save up more money, once you've saved up enough money then you can buy the required equipment for the next level.


French Street 3

[Post New]by thinlizzie on Apr 11, 09 4:09 PM
Hi Pegasus69

At the start of the level, buy 1 cow, 1 goat and 5 chickens. Upgrade your warehouse twice and the van once.

Send the aeroplane for 5 flour and 5 butter mix and then send it back for 5 herbs.

Make the egg powder, dough, curd, butter etc. as normal, but remember you need eggs as well as dough. As soon as you've got all the ingredients for 2 pizzas, make them and sell them immediately.

Keep repeating the process, getting more supplies from the city. Don't bother with the pig until later when you've nearly finished the pizzas. Get the pig and wait until it's found some truffles, then sell the pig, truffle, cow, remaining pizzas to get you to the 130,000.

Hope this helps! TL

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