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Sequel or no sequel

[Post New]by GMMan_BZFlag on Apr 8, 14 11:19 AM
Sort of interesting thing I found. There's an alternate version of the game distributed to some free game sites that has a bunch of the content cut out (i.e. reduced number of HOs, entirely skipped locations), but also has an unique ending. If you've played through the game as obtained on major game publishing sites (such as BFG), you'll notice that the ending seems to imply that there will be a sequel. However, the alternate ending doesn't suggest a sequel. Take from it what you will.

I think it's sort of weird that the developer is making such major changes to the game long after initial release. Maybe they're tired of this specific story and wants to get on with it. I wish they'd make a sequel for Elementals, though, because that game had truly good writing.

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