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level 24

[Post New]by cel_1 on Apr 10, 14 12:27 AM
Help cannot get 3 stars tried so many times


Re:level 24

[Post New]by Morning2u74 on Apr 10, 14 10:49 AM
Hi there,

You can try the game walkthroughs, or there are some good videos on youtube that will show you how to complete the level with 3 stars.

Just do a search for Northern Tale 3 level 24.

Hope that helps

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by MammawJo on Apr 10, 14 2:48 PM
this comes from sipason's explanation:

Random resource bonus is hard to manage.
However, that bonus is the most useful one in this level...
Keep food and gold low before using the bonus.
Use the bonus, and then exchange wood for needed resources.

- Upgrade camp. Build mine and exorcist's hut.
- Clear the path to the merchant. Build mechanic's house.
- Build and upgrade workshop.
- Clear rocks and destroy evil stone.

For more detail, check out the walkthrough on youtube.

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by Yaelle on Apr 17, 14 7:09 PM
phew ok glad somebody asked. I haven't even been able to get passed this level period, much less get 3 stars on it!
I have played all the way through it 4 times now & it aint short!

Ok I was meaning to try exactly that with the bonus but .... my mouse clicking finger had other ideas.

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