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Some Tips From Me

[Post New]by JaneDoe100 on Apr 10, 14 1:40 PM
Hey guys, so I've been playing VF2 for a fair amount of time and wanted to give you some tips. Some tips I got from my friend, who introduced me to the game, some I got from those sentences that you see when the game is loading, some I found out myself. But here they are:
#1: Very important: Money is slow to come. It may take a while to earn some money, so when you first start, don't care about decorations like plants, figurines, etc. Instead, focus on necessities, such as: one parents' bed, for them to sleep in(duh), one small cheap kids toy, so then they won't get the action "bored" as much. When I only got them one toy, because there was no money to get another, they only were bored once. Also, a couch for the kid(s) to sleep on. Of course, ALWAYS leave enough money for food and medicine. Also, I suggest looking at the flea market and on sale items-the flea market can provide options that can sometimes SUBSTITUTE for food! These Flea Market items are the blood orange and perfect bananas. And candy too, can help kids by doing the same as the green glove does, just it does it better than the green glove. And if you see a parent's bed or kids in the on sale items, GET IT! Those are 50% off-trust me, you'll want it!
#2: When you first get the game, since your family is kind of poor, you want parents working all the time. All day. Only breaks can be for showers, eating, sleeping. You want the most money possible. I know it's a boring life, but you'll need the money later on. Seriously, them being work-a-holics saved their lives when they didn't have much money.
#3: Don't buy the kids many toys; 4 should be your limit until you're like, rich. Four is plenty enough to keep them busy. And I had a problem when my kids wouldn't play with anything, any of their toys, and they have much too many. Like, they have 10-13! But I do have a lot of money now, so that's why. And the kids, I found, would rather do other things that didn't involve buying anything. They'll usually read a book or enjoy sounds of nature, look at stuff, etc. So don't buy them many toys.
#4: ALWAYS, ALWAYS spank a child doing bad things. I know you may already know this, but I know from experience that it may sometimes be difficult to do this to a kid and there's plenty of excuses. Even if they're "a bit blue", that doesn't mean they're allowed to throw rocks to express their anger. Sometimes they'll be a bit blue because they don't have enough to do. Hope this helps!


Re:Some Tips From Me

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Apr 11, 14 9:05 AM
Those are pretty good tips. Don't forget to check The Sale section each day. If you can wait for a bed (they won't need one at all until night time in real time) don't waste money on trying to get them one. There may be one in the sale section for much cheaper the next day in real time.

Also, some items that aren't available right away may show up in the sale section.

Use the love seat and the old couch if you are really broke, they will go to sleep on those if there is nothing else to use. If you can save up to fix up the bad rooms first, you can get by without beds or other things for a long while.

Don't forget organic foods (just like the first game) are better for their health than the regular groceries, if you don't want sick, weak families.

If you are broke don't marry a chef, they use up most of the food in the house and you have to keep buying more.

Positive reinforcement works better than a lot of spanking, over time, use the green glove when you see them do something they should be doing, less spankings, but spankings gives you $25.00 extra coins sometimes depending on what is the goal reward.

Use the kids to pick up all the collectibles it keeps them out of trouble, keeps them busy and they walk faster if you are in a hurry for more money fast.

Open those boxes and doors! Refusing sometimes, brings a fine, or your house egged etc. Which will cost you more money. Some packages for the neighbors as I said in another thread are good ones, and worth lots of money. If a little boy comes to your house selling messed up cup cakes it's better to buy them than not.


Re:Some Tips From Me

[Post New]by suetyler1949 on Jul 30, 14 11:52 AM
A tip for picking up collectibles: you don't need a peep who walks fast for this. Just drop them on the item, and then, the minute they start walking, pick them up again and keep looking. The item automatically goes into collectibles, and you don't have to waste time walking to the hallway.

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