Not even sure what level I'm on?

[Post New]by sapphireoceans on Apr 10, 14 4:50 PM
Hi guys, I'm playing YS app on iOS 7 and loving it. But I am stuck on what looks to be a rather simple level, but is making me want to pull my hair out, lol.

Since I can't actually tell you a level name or number, I'm trying to explain it by where it's located on the map..

It's the last level right at the doorstep of the red hut (far left on the middle height level of the map), and the requirements of this level are a mere 1000 hearts, and nothing else. It's the only level so far that I have not managed to replay from silver level and make gold. It's driving me insane.

If anyone has any advice on which machines to open/upgrade, whether to focus on egg products, coconuts or pork, I'd be most grateful. Really wish I could add a screen cap so it would be easier to identify the level.

Hate asking for tips, help or using walkthroughs, not that I have actually found a walkthrough, but I am getting so annoyed that my iPad may hit the wall if I can't progress past this point. I have to make gold before attempting the next level, I can't leave it at silver. Call me OCD, I've been called worse, lol.

Anyway, thank you to anyone who reads this, can advise me in any way whatsoever.


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