House Rules to make the game marginally competitive

[Post New]by Buccaneer2 on Apr 13, 14 1:58 PM
I have not given up on Trade Mania 2 even though I still play the first version frequently. This game is so frustratingly stupid but I do like the new cities (as small as they are) and the events. The AI is so incompetent (along with the overpowered tasks) that you have to have a lot of house rules just to give yourself some semblance of a game (unlike version 1, for the most part). Here are the house rules I have come up with (playing Moscow - the other two cities are hopeless):

1. Play a Custom Game (even though the single worst design was including tasks into the custom game)
2. Set the max number of opponents to Hard (I had not played on less than Hard to know if it makes a difference)
3. Set the winning percentage to 100% and casino to 0
4. Do not buy any properties until you have gone completely around the board once
5. Do not buy any cards...ever
6. Do not play casino
7. Do not buy opponent's stocks
8. Do not bid on opponent's properties when they give them away (what happened to mortgaging??)
9. Do not build factories

With these house rules, you are essentially giving your opponents a slight head start but they still do not have any money (can't do anything about that).


Re:House Rules to make the game marginally competitive

[Post New]by Buccaneer2 on Apr 27, 14 8:36 AM
It is frustrating to examine why the AI opponents do not have any money. Here are some of the reasons I see:
1. They buy up properties until they get down to around $10k (for example)
2. They keep buying vehicles when they shouldn't (they can't afford to buy much commodities anyways)
3. They keep buying irrelevant cards (like Parking) when they shouldn't
4. Trading in this version simply does not give you much of a profit margin unfortunately, so their balance remains low most of the time
5. It takes them a long time to build improvements (and even at that, they build too many supermarkets which are only beneficial if you are trading, which they are not)

Therefore, with a consistent balance hanging around $10-20k, it doesn't take long before they can't afford a rent and therefore, have to sell their $60k property for peanuts (usually 15-20% of nominal value) which does not help their balance anyways. Remember in the first version where you could mortgage and even when you have to sell, you get a lot for the property. All that is gone and with the AI's lack of money, it's hard to play this game.

Can any of these be fixed and perhaps a new version that plays more like the first version?


Re:House Rules to make the game marginally competitive

[Post New]by Buccaneer2 on May 16, 14 6:40 AM
Something obvious just hit me regarding House Rule #1. While Tasks introduce way too much money into the game simply by you playing normally, what makes this even more overpowered is that the AI does not get the same rewards. This, in affect, takes something that is unbalanced and unbalances it even more.

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