friends of mine

[Post New]by afunnyfarm on Apr 15, 14 12:28 PM
I am chichi 159610 level 21. i also have another user Dasher 230261. i have reached a level on chichi's that, since i have completed the 50 tasks in 30 minutes objective, i can gift some crafted items in the following areas.
Salty Barkeep, crypt/carriage, well/belfry, fire fountain.
basically any crafted item that isn't needed for the bowman. i can't promise that i can gift every time. (sometimes it takes me quite a few items to get the one i need for the crafted one.), but i will do my best

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Re:friends of mine

[Post New]by Amerzone on Apr 15, 14 4:14 PM
That's very generous Chichi

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