What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by Cool4ever on Mar 23, 09 4:33 AM
Hi All,

I realy love all chocolatier games, i think the games very fun and entertaining. But although i like the games a lot, after i played the last game ( Chocolatier Decadence By Design ), i found a few interesting development in story and creation, but somehow it just repeater from previous version.

What i mean : Yes, All Chocolatier Games very fun and entertaining, but that's all, i didn't find any big problem to finish the games, from the first until decadence, the developer had same recipe. The recipe is you only have to follow the lead and instruction, no matter what or when you did that instruction, you will finish the game and became success. The challenge so...so...so limited.

So If they want to make the next game, i have a few suggestions that can make this game more interesting and have more challenge :

1. Maybe they can make a real competitors, which mean we play not only as single player ( That we already know, in the end we will finish the game in glory ). This competitor can do some sabotage in our bussiness, or destroy our ingredients, our products. I Think it will make the challenge more interesting.

2. This game maybe can put any other competitor products in market, so we must fight in Price too. Not like those previous versions, no matter what, no matter the condition, you will and can sold all your chocolate products.

3. For the price, maybe we as the player can give the price according our need, we must smart in decide the price for one chocolate product. Too high and you only sell in small amount, or competitor can dominate the market.

That's only a few suggestion for make this game improve and more interesting. I realy love all chocolatier games, but as i said : the challenge is so minimum. No matter what you do or decide, you will finish the game. Need more challenge or competitors.

If you have any other ideas, maybe you can share here too, maybe the game developer can use our ideas if they want make the next chocolatier game.

Thank you......May You Have Your Days As Sweet As The Chocolate.

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Re:What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by Ouchieboo on Jul 26, 09 12:43 PM
I don't like choclatier very much or #2 but I don't like any games like that and i'm not very far on it but I don't care because I don't like it.

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Re:What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by Freeverse on Sep 16, 09 8:02 AM
Hi Cool4ever

I agree with you. it would make the game a lot more entertaining if there was competitors. it would be nice to feel like you earned your chocolate empire by crushing your competitors in a cut throat market. I really enjoyed this series of games, but, as you said it would make them better if you could actually lose everything.

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Re:What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by KitSeason on Sep 28, 09 11:34 PM
I like that the purpose of these chocolatiers is to make a wonderful product and be the best at doing so. An exceptional product can command whatever price it wants nor does its company need to worry much about being cutthroat. What would be interesting to me is to need to continue raising the bar so it can remain exceptional and well ahead of the competition.

It's nice to see something that relies on quality rather than the ability to destroy the competition.

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Re:What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by Marialh on Sep 29, 09 12:29 AM
I adore the Chocolatier games, they're up there on my favourites list! I would like a combo of the 'discovering the chocolates from ingredients you collect' in 2 and also do a bit of my own creating as in 3 (but with the option to change shapes!)

I want to get rid of the coffee flavours - I liked the coffees, but the flavoured tins never took off for me. Bring back the sauces

And it would be nice to be able to delete a creation that doesn't sell well too.

I could go on for a long time on this, better not!


Re:What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by paulix1 on Nov 22, 09 5:10 PM
I have all 3 Chocolatier. My family and I try to make more money that each other. I would like to remove my own creation that dosen't sell well. I would like to pick the city that owns my shop or the city that I have a factory in. I am trynig to find out when # 4 comes out. If anyone knows please inform me. I do enjoy the game and going around the world from my office.

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Re:What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by mngal46 on Nov 30, 09 7:12 PM
It's very helpful if they tell you the city when you need to accomplish a task, not just a name, like we all have a great memory. Also, when introducing new recipies, if it's not in the city that the recipie was introduced, it would be nice if it would indicate what city(ies) to purchase the ingredient (s). I found these two issues very frustrating. I've purchased all 3 Chocolatier games so far, I had a lot of problems the first Chocolatier, but after I played #2 and then restarted #1, both were completed in one day and I enjoyed them immensly. #3 was different, with a few twists to the game, I'm still working on that one, so I'm not sure if I do or don't like it, all I can say....it's different, I probably didn't need as much intro for that one, but it wasn't a choice to skip. I do like having more than one task to accomplish, and in the beginning, it seemed a bit overwhelming, but once I decided to just stay focused on one task at a time, it was much more enjoyable and accomplishable.

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Re:What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by jmb1363 on Dec 1, 09 3:31 AM
I love the chocolatier series, although for some reason, I didn't like #2 as well. The play felt different to me, I didn't like how the machines were set up to do pralines, and it was frustrating to stock up on cacao beans when I found a good price, only to have a warehouse fire and then they are all destroyed. I think I have only played that one all the thru once, whenever I go back to play again, I don't finish. I love being able to work on more than one quest at a time in #3. I don't care for the coffee blends and I never make these when doing my own creations, would rather have pralines or sauces (or both) back. I would like to see some kind of refrigeration unit added so your ingredients and finished product don't deteriorate over time...maybe as an option to buy later in the game like the airplane. I also really like the telegraph so you don't have to keep going back to a factory to change what is being made. Would also like to be able to throw out creations made that aren't good sellers. Also...more ingredients!!! Peanut butter, marshmallow, pineapple, banana, crispy rice, nougat...too many to list! The one thing I liked in #2 was that the exotics had different shapes...would like to see this again, with that option carried over to creations.


Re:What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by swisscheese1 on Mar 20, 10 8:29 AM
I love the coffee blends! :-( seem to be alone in that regard. Although I wouldn't mind having the pralines back, the sauces I can do without.

I'd like to see the next version of this game revolve more around our own creativity.....having to invent chocolates based on what someone has requested: ie, the shop owner in say, Havana, wants something new-- a chocolate with strawberry in it, based on her customers' requests...and it's up to the game player to concoct something that appeals to her and her customers. I'd like to be able to choose a shape other than just the star for exotics. More varied ingredients would be nice too ie pineapple, banana, Bailey's etc.

And one thing that really annoyed me actually, about the coffees was that if you tried putting a fruit flavour in a blend, he'd go yech and not let it happen, yet in the running of the game there are pumpkin, lemon and orange blends that you're required to make. Why!?

I guess it's part of the challenge, but I wish the telegraph would appear earlier than it does, I hate having to waste three weeks flying to the Hawaii outlet to buy something (usually either cream or the kona coffee early on in the game) and not being able to change what's being made in either Zurich or CapeTown in the meantime.

I do have to say though, despite my nitpicks. Chocolatier Decadence is by far and away my favourite computer game thus far. I play it over and over trying to best my previous score


Re:What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by DreamDancer82 on Apr 27, 10 8:07 PM
More room for player creativity! I love all three of the Chocolatier Games, but 3 is definitely my favorite because of the fact it lets the player design and name their own confections. I'd like to have more of that, and maybe bring in sauces and pralines to be created by the player as well.

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Re:What Do You Want If They Develop New Chocolatier Game...????

[Post New]by auds7466 on Jun 28, 10 2:21 PM
no blue and red circles in the factory it makes the game too hard !! can we also sell ingredients. cos i am stuck in rio de janeiro at the moment with 337 dollars and no chocolate to sell. what am i gonna do now !

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