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5 star on final 5 dishes. Intro

[Post New]by hprwhg on Apr 16, 14 7:08 PM
You made it! Hooray! Only five dishes to go and they are not easy. This will be an in depth version of obtaining 5 stars on all 5 dishes.

First, being that the game always gives you random ingredients, it is very difficult to make all 5 dishes properly. You usually end up using most or all of your Flavoring and Vegetable Power-ups by the end. Especially for the third and fourth dish. I have yet to do it. However, if you match Flavor Type 95%, still create viable combos (which I will show) and keep your timing chains going smoothly. Everything will work out fine.

Next, so to help understand this guide. I have to explain a few things. When I say "Flavor TYPE" (FT) that is referring to such things as: Sweet, Savory,German, and so forth. These are not Flavorings (FL). Flavorings are the actual ingredient like: "Orange".Garlic, Potato, etc. I have abbreviated each Flavor type for Stage 15-3 only, Here is the list:

Ar - Aromatic
Bi - Bitter
Da - Dark
Ea - Earthy
Ex - Expensive
Fr- Fresh
Ger- German
Gr- Green
Ita- Italian
Li - Light
Red - Red...lol
Sa - Savory
Sp - Spicy
Sw - Sweet
Thai - Thai

There are two different styles of combos. One is when everything you put down is going to match. No matter whether it is pertaining to the meat, veggie, salsa or sauce, This is good for letting your meat sit by tapping it once and moving on, so it can get a lot of flavor combos.

The other is more specific to what part of the meal you are working on. Each meal as you know is divided into parts all starting with "Main Meat" consisting of two flavorings and the meat, followed by Main Veg. consisting of one flavoring and one veggie then 2nd veg. etc. However, being that there are four stations when the Flavor types are put out, the first three meat FT are placed but only one of the Main Veg is placed. In this form of combo you are seasoning the meat and may have a combo pause in between one or two flavorings.

As mentioned above. tapping a specific ingredient and moving on as you are chopping away creating timing chains. Helps slow down the fire in your station from starting to flicker out, so you can keep a certain ingredient out longer to get more flavor combos.

So, enough info. Let's get onto the first dish.

Grilled Pork w/Peas,Fennel, and Tomato

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