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5 star on final 5 dishes. Dish #1

[Post New]by hprwhg on Apr 16, 14 8:44 PM
FIRST! Please read "5 star on final 5 dishes Intro"

Actually a pretty straight forward dish. It has various flavor combos that make it relatively easy to get 5 stars, but we also would like MAX score too. The lowest score I got was 8250 and that was missing 2 combos and lost my timing chain. It Still gave 5 stars. As for power-ups, try and save them as much as possible for the final dishes.

At the end i will tell the order of placement and where to start chopping for timing chains. This is pretty much an everything placed is a combo dish.

Roast Entree w/Sauce
-- Grilled Pork w/ Peas,Fennel, and Tomato
1. Sa/Ar - Sage or Rosemary
2. Sa/Wh - Pork. combo w/ 1
3. Sw/Sa - Vidalia Onion This can be replaced with Red Onion or Garlic. But gives lower score.
4. Sw/Fr - Tomato. Combo w/ 3. Fennel, Peas, and Gr. Beans works here too.
5. Ar/Sa - Rosemary or Sage. Do opposite of 1, combo w/ 2. Garlic and Onion also work.
6. Sw/Ital - Fennel. Combo w/ 2. Tomato works as well. While trying to discover these recipes, I have thrown in somethings that don't quite match just to get back to the third or fourth dish asap. Here Peas matching with "Sweet" combos w/ 2 Asparagus matching nothing creates other combos too. Still giving 5 star.
7. Sw/Red - Red Onion. Combo w/ 4. Apple also does combo w/ 2, but leaves nothing to combo with. Still 5 star though.
8. Sw/Lig - Peas. Combo w/ 7. Tomato and Gr. Beans are secondary.

Now for the movement.

When you start, the first four Flavor Types zoom over to your station. Place the Sage/Rosemary at station one. Pork at station two. Vid. Onion at three. START chopping Onion. Place Tomato at fourth station. From now on Flavor types will fill-in when you are done chopping. So Rosemary/Sage will replace Vid.Onion. NEXT tap the Pork on way to chop S/R at station one. When finished, Replace w/ Fennel THEN tap the Tomato before heading back to station three to chop R/S. Once that is done replace with Red Onion and head to station two to take care of the Pork. replacing w/ Peas. The Tomato maybe flickering by now, so might as well get it outta the way. Step over to the Fennel. Chop. Chop. Chop. Red Onion. Finally the Peas.

Grand Total of 9,900. For some reason it sometimes gives me 9,800 I don't know why? Maybe i am a bit slow at placing or use too many power-ups. Not sure?

That's it! Not too bad! But don't pat yourself on the back yet. There is still four more dishes to go.


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