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5 star on final 5 dishes. Dish #2

[Post New]by hprwhg on Apr 16, 14 10:05 PM
Welcome back. This one is a bit tougher then dish 1 and longer. This dish also likes to use up a lot of your power-ups too. So lets get right into it. This dish uses a specific ingredient/part of meal combo technique. Again at the end, movement will be discussed.

Roast Entree w/ Sauce
-- Roast Duck Breast w/ Carrot, Beet, Butternut Squash and Nutmeg Sauce

1.Ea/Da - Nutmeg Only. Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Black Truffle can be used, but does not flavor the Main Veg.or give a combo that is not already be given elsewhere.
2. Sa/Ex - Black or White Truffle. Prosciutto is good and gives its own set of combos, but only goes so far and lower score.
3. Sa/Da - Duck Breast. Combo w/ 2. Sausage works, but is dead end for combos
4. Ea/Ex - White or Black Truffle. Opposite from 2. Combo w/ 3. Ginger having no matches gives a combo w/ 3 and still 5 star.if rest is correct.
5. Sw/Ea - Butternut Squash. Combo w/ 1. Beets and Carrot also do the trick. Again no combo,
6. Sw/Fr- Orange. Combo w/ 3. Apple works too.
7. Ea/Da - Beet. Combo w/ 6. Eggplant is second option. No combo still 5 star
8. Sw/Ta - Apple. No combo yet. Orange can be used to flavor the duck again, but you get same score.
9. Sw/Fr - Carrot. Combo w/ 7. Peas and Zucchini are secondary.
10. Ea/Da - Nutmeg or Cinnamon. Combo w/ 8. I choose Nutmeg because in the title it is a "Butternut and Nutmeg sauce". Butternut and Nutmeg are a combo so it just sounds good. If you want Cinnamon the title will say Cinnamon sauce instead.

After the Flavor types are in place. Place B/W Truffle at station two START chopping, Place Duck at three, W/B Truffle at four and Nutmeg at station one. When finished with B/W Truffle. Replace w/ Butternut. tap Duck on way to W/B Truffle. Chop it up. Replace with Orange, tap Butternut and start working on the Nutmeg which is probably flickering. Replace with Beet. Go for the Duck. Replace w/ Apple. Finish off Butternut to be replaced with Carrot. Hit the Orange. replace w/ Nutmeg. You may want to use a Focus Power-up here to end it quicker. Then finally finish off the Beets. Carrot and Apple maybe flickering, and then Nutmeg.

Grand Total of 22,900 WOOHOO! Done with Dish #2. Did you use a lot of power-ups? I hope not, because the third dish well probably finish them off. It is a tough beginning w/ random ingredients for an even tougher entree. Hope you are ready.

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