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5 star on final 5 dishes. Dish #3

[Post New]by hprwhg on Apr 17, 14 12:56 AM
This is a very difficult dish. First, if Dish 2 didn't take most of your Flavoring power-ups away. Ingredients 1-4 probably will. They tend to be hidden well. Making 5-12 and Dishes 4 and 5 harder. Second, timing chains are trickier w/ a long Garlic and Zucc.

Nutmeg, Black Pep, and Cin. (NBC) all make a combo w/ each other. All three can be used as Ar/Da and you will get 5 star no mater when used.

Roast Entree w/ Salsa
-- Roast Lamb w/ Parsley, Blk Pep, Blk Olive Sauce
1. Ar/Da - Rosemary. NBC can be used but leads to a dead end of combos when placed here Still 5 star
2. Sa/Ar - Garlic. Honestly not sure what else can go here. When rushing to fourth dish I use NBC to satisfy the Ar part and wing it
3. Da/Sa - Lamb only choice. How nice. Combo w/ 1
4. Gr/Ar - Parsley. Combo w/ 2. Pepcorn can be used, but leads no where.
5.Ar/Da - Blk Pep or Cin. Combo w/ 3. Nutmeg can be used no combo. Still 5 star.
6. Sa/Da - Blk Olive. Combo w/ 2. Anchovies can be used matching "Dark" to be combo w/ Blk Olives later matching another "Dark" Still 5 star, but you better have the rest right and timing chain unbroken.
7. Ar/Da - Nutmeg. Combo w/ 5 no matter whether you chose Bp or C. These also can be used.
8. Gr/Da - Zucc. No combo yet. Brocc, Spin, and Avoc. work too, but lead no where for combo
9. Ar/Da - Blk Pep or Cin. Opposite of 5. Combo w/ 7
10. Ea/Da - Broccoli. Combo w/ 8. I think only choice for true match.
11. Da/Gr - Mint. Combo w/ 8.Pepcorn works too. no combo
12. Sw/Fr - Tom. Combo w/ 8 Red Pep and Gr.Bean work. no combo


Place RM station one, Lamb at three, Pars. at four. START chopping Pars. Garlic station two. When finished w/ Pars, replace w/ Blk Pep and tap Lamb going to station one to deal with RM, After RM, replace w/ Blk Olive. Garlic is flickering and is close to done, so be quick w/ Blk Olive before you are done. Replace w/ Nutmeg. Skip Lamb, it finishes itself just before or after you deal w/ Blk Pep. Replace Blk Pep w/ Zucc and Lamb w/ Cin. Back to Blk Olive. Replace w/ Brocc. Use Focus. Tap Zucc. Deal w/ Nutmeg replace w/ Mint. Then Cin. replace w/ Tom. Then hit Zucc. The rest is pretty straight forward as to what needs to be done.

Grand Total 40,500. That was tough. Phew! Almost done. On to Dish 4

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