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5 star on final 5 dishes. Dish #4

[Post New]by hprwhg on Apr 17, 14 10:02 AM
This Dish is really not that hard of a recipe. What makes it hard is you probably have very little, if any power-ups left. I would say if you are out of them that you should restart stage 15-3 and try again to have at least 1 or 2 Flavoring or Vegetable power-ups for this DIsh.

Oh yeah. i did not have the room in last post, but sometimes on this and third Dish it will keep you at two stars until the final ingredient is done and then bam it gives all 5 star when done, so don't give up when you are almost done because it will probably be 5 star at the end. All right on to Dish #4

Grilled Entree w/ Sauce
--Grilled Kobe Beef w/ Carrot,Beet,Spinach and Foie Gras Sauce.
1.Ex/Sa - Black or White Truffle. Combo w/ 3 Pretty much only choices for both 1 and 2, Caviar, Foie Gras and the Cheeses are the other choices when dealing with Expensive
2.Ex/Ea - White or Black Truffle Combo w/ 3 Opposite of 1
3 Sa/Ri - Kobe beef. the rest of meats don't seem to have as many combos making it difficult for a 5 star
4. Sa/Ri - Foie Gras Combo w/ 3. pretty much only choice for a combo.
5.Ex/Sa - Gorgonzola. No combo yet. Again pretty much only choice for combos
6. Ea/Bi -Spinach. Combo w 5. Both Cabbages and Asparagus work. No combo tho
7. Ex/Sa - Caviar. No combo yet. If Beef is still out you can always Flavor it again with a truffle or Foie Gras. but that is kinda lame to re-season what you have already seasoned. but it works. go for it
8. Ea/Ger - Beet. Combo w/ 5. Potato is usable no combo w/ 5 but combo w/ 9
9. Sw/Ger - Onion. It was suppose to Combo w/ 7 but combo w/ 8 instead. Apple is the other choice and will combo w/ 10
10. Ea/Sw - Carrot. Combo w/ 8. It can Combo w/ 9 too. whether Onion or Apple

7-10 has many different combo combinations all leading to Grand Total of 53,650
This is a very close estimate. I have not been able to go from Dish 1 to this Dish w/ a flawless score. I guess 53,650 because I was 1350 points down after Dish 1-3 and did this Dish perfectly w/ a score of 52,300.

Movement. Not going to say a lot, not enough room. Place Kobe Beef first, so Both Truffles and Foie Gras Combo it, But Start chopping w/ station 4. tap Beef move to 1, then 2..The rest fill-in as you are doing it. Kobe Beef will finish itself. the rest is pretty standard.You may use a Focus if you have one to get done w/ this dish faster. This will be a two star meal until last ingredient is finished then 5 star. Only one more Dish to go. Hooray!!!

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