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5 star on final 5 dishes. Dish #5

[Post New]by hprwhg on Apr 17, 14 12:32 PM
This is an interesting dish. Flavoring and Vegetable power-ups are probably gone. So getting the proper ingredients will be super difficult. As for the helping power-ups: Focus,Show Combo,Show Flavor Type. You may have used up them up, For me, on the other hand, having done each dish over and over again to find the best possible score. Do not need to use them, Focus, I do use sometimes

That being said. This is a very liberal dish. A lot of combinations are possible and a lot of Flavor Type matches, as well. The key really is speed. 1:40 goes by quick. So you have to stay on it and try not to get flustered (like me) and mess your timing chains up to be followed by not having the right ingredients. So, now I have to figure out what to replace it with. Next thing you know "bink times up. Anyways.On to the dish.

One more thing. This dish has many Flavor type matches for the "Flavoring" ingredients, so i will not name them in recipe like I have w/ previous dishes.There is too many.

Grilled Entree w/ Salsa
--Grilled Scallops w/ Lime, Ginger, and Cilantro Salsa
1.Ar/Da - Parsley. Many.
2. Ar/Thai - Garlic. Combo w/ 1. many
3. Sw/Fr - Scallop. Combo w/ 2. Scallops give more points believe it or not as does Shrimp.
4. Ar/Fr - Lemon. Combo w/ 1. Many.
5. Sw/Gr - Cucumber. Combo w/ 2. Zucc. is the other.
6. Sw/Fr - Basil. Combo w/ 5. Many.
7. Sw/Li - Tomato. Combo w/ 5. Carrot can be used for combo later.
8. Ar/Sp - Lemongrass.Combo w/ 6. Many
9. Sw/Fr - Zucchini. Combo w/ 7.
10. Ar/Fr - Lime. Combo w/ 6. Many. Be quick to place. You are probably working on 6 when spot opens up.
11. Ar/Sp - Ginger. Combo w/ 10. Many
12. Ar/Gr - Cilantro Combo w/ 10. Many

That is it. I have no idea what the highest possible is My Score was 64,400, 5 star on all, but that is not by any means a perfect game. I was 2,650 points down after Dish 4. No power-ups. Getting here w/any power-ups while making perfect Dish 1 - 4, is close to impossible. I missed 2 combos and had a half match. So, my guess is close to 69-70,000.

Movement. We will keep it simple.There is not a lot of time left and by tapping the Scallops, it makes it so two Flavor Types come out at the same time near the end. Try and keep a Focus Start w/ Parsley at station 1. Then 2. Tap Scallops and go to 4. Go to 1. then 2. 4 again. Scallops are done now and 2 types start to come out. Use Focus. Make sure you keep Basil out long enough for Garlic combo. The rest is standard timing chain. Congrats You are Top Chef!

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