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5 star on final 5 dishes. Closing

[Post New]by hprwhg on Apr 17, 14 2:07 PM
This is just a brief summary of each dish and some tips.

Dish 1: Pretty straight forward recipe. Which makes it tough is because there is only 1 true recipe. in a sense. so stray but a little and it will lead to 2 stars easily. This recipe is 9,900 points. No other recipe for this dish gave that amount. I tried and tried for 10,000 but to no avail.The second highest was 9550 and that was missing the last combo because I tried a different way. I spent a good hour seeing what the different combinations were for Dish 1 This is the best IMO.

Power-ups are usually only needed once for Flavoring and/or Vegetable. Using more then that now. You might as well start over. Sometimes you get lucky and none are used, but rarely.

Dish 2. Again. Another straight forward recipe. There are not many deviations. Sure you can flavor the duck all day with several things but they are not matches and only this recipe gave a score of 22900. Everything else was in the 18-20000 range, but still 5 star. though you have to match perfectly. except by using Ginger in place of truffle giving no matches but combos Duck will give 5 star if all the rest is perfect.

Flavoring power-ups are used a lot on this dish. Esp. looking for the Orange or Apple.

Dish 3. This is a liberal dish with its ingredients. Making a lot of combos. esp with Nutmeg, Black Pepper and Cinnamon. It allows more freedom from matching Flavor types. Matching for half on three items and 2 missed combos still give me 5 star. Top score of 40,500. Again only this recipe made score higher the rest was 38-39000

The beginning is the hardest part for the recipe. Getting all three first flavorings can suck your power-ups away. The end seems to be very easy with a lot of combos coming in from different angles.

Dish 4 This is actually the easiest recipe. Unfortunately, power-ups are usually gone by now, so getting the right ingredients is tough and that is what makes it hard. But basically everything is an expensive item which only leaves truffle and cheeses, Not hard to find but hard to find the right mixture for combos. it has a very open ending with a lot combos with the veggies. Although it is not a very forgiving recipe either and one or two mess ups and it is 2 star. Top score I think is 53,650

Dish 5. Almost anything you place will be a match or combo. Which is nice being that power-ups are gone. but don't miss too many matches/combos or 2 star. Top score 64400

Thanks for reading. Hope it all helped

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