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Stage 14-2 5 star for both dishes

[Post New]by hprwhg on Apr 18, 14 1:37 AM
At first this stage seemed difficult. I spent forever trying to figure out the "perfect" meal for dish 1. Figuring out what matched with what and what gave combos with what. I got frustrated that just to get one recipe that I was using up all my flavoring and vegetable power-ups very quickly. Quicker than normal. i was thinking boy the second dish is going to be very hard, If i have no power-ups left to help.

Then It hit me. Maybe this level isn't about making the "perfect" dish like most of the others w/ getting a lot of food combos. Flavoring meats and veggies properly along w/ combos and YES extra hidden points.Some foods when put together give extra points or lose points Bet you din't know that. This level is all about matching flavor types (savory,sweet, german,etc) with there ingredients properly.

Truly, it is that simple. As long as you match ALL flavor types and get at least two combos for the first dish and three for the second. They will both be 5 star. So to help you I will give the first four ingredients to place for both dishes and you can use the BLUE power-up (which I call "Show Flavor") to match the rest of ingredients. They give you four so that is two for each dish, which is more than enough.

In the intro to this stage you are shown two combinations Broccoli and Carrot, Mushroom and Veal. Since they show it. Lets use them.

Dish 1: The first four are Apple, Carrot, Gorgonzola, Broccoli.
Carrot w/ Apple, Gorg combo w/ Apple, Broc w/ Carrot. hit the BLUE power-up and match everything perfectly and do the timing chains perfectly and it will be 5 star. If you want one more combo. The last ingredient can be apple or onion to combo w/ pork.

Dish 2 the first four are: Blk Olive, Tomato, Apple, Mushroom. Tomato combo w/ Black Olive. but apple and mushroom do not combo anything. Hit the BLUE power-up and match everything perfectly and timing chains perfectly. Let the mushroom sit until the first Meat arrives and make it Veal. Combo. At the end use apple for last ingredient combo w/ pork.5 star

That is it. I was surprised how easy it was. All this stage wants is you to match the flavor types exact and get a couple combos w/ good timing chains. You could say that is what all the stages are about. But, some are all about combos and flavoring your meats and veggies right. Like some of the Canapes. Only 6 steps, if you only half match one or two it is fine if everything placed is a combo them it will be 5 star


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