level 5 (blush) help please?

[Post New]by Chanelnumber5 on Apr 18, 14 9:34 AM
I'm used to reading the forums if I am stuck on a level and finding many others stuck on the same one. But this time I have read all the way thru to find level 5 . . . so I must be missing something easy.
1. Where in the world is the broken down merchant? Is he on the road somewhere?
2. My little guy keeps chopping down the trees that are the furtherest (I know, it's not a word, sorry) away from the treasures despite my clicking on those that are the closest. Is this just the way the game is set up?
3. Has somebody kindly created a Yutube walk thru yet? (Sipson, where are you?)

Please forgive the misspellings that have even puzzled my dictionary. The only side effect of the morphine I'm on is that its taken away my ability to spell. Irritating for an English minor, but at least it could be worse I hope I've gotten these emotes right . . .

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Re:level 5 (blush) help please?

[Post New]by BlueStarFish on Apr 18, 14 12:49 PM
Hello Chanel
The broken down merchant is the same as the market right next to your camp. You need to repair it.
I haven't found a way to decide which specific tree I want to chop down, so I think this is pre-set by the game.

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Re:level 5 (blush) help please?

[Post New]by redrosesdz on Apr 19, 14 8:03 AM
It looks like BlueStarFish gave you enough to solve the level. Just in case you need more, below is the complete walk through. BTW, you can't get to the trees at the bottom right (near the chests) until you build the bridge. There is no road connection on the right side.

**** SPOILER ****
1. Cut the trees in the top left corner and open the chest.
2. As soon as you have enough wood, build the bridge.
3. Cut the trees on the bottom right and open all of the chests.
4. While you are cutting and opening, repair the market, build a sawmill and buy 50 berries.
5. Build a hut asap.
6. Build huts as you buy wood and berries. Don't upgrade any of the huts.

Hint: you'll need to buy 200 berries (50, 100, 50) and 150 wood (100,50).


Re:level 5 (blush) help please?

[Post New]by Chanelnumber5 on Apr 21, 14 9:43 PM
Thank ya'll so much! The helpfulness and kindness of those in the forums always amazes and impresses me so much!

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