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[Post New]by Moonsorceress on Apr 18, 14 11:42 AM
Has any one else had this problem and if so please help with resolution.
Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove:
I just purchased "Mystery Case Files ire Grove" the "Hint Button" does not work. I tried uninstall and then re-installed but the same problem exists. I have purchased thirty one games from Big Fish and all works with no problems, which leaves me to believe the game I purchased is faulty. I also tried to make a new Profile to see if that resolved the problem. And the problem still exists.


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[Post New]by Allyb870 on Apr 21, 14 12:20 PM
I too is having the same problem, at first i thought it was the fact i hadnt bought the game, just testing it first before i do, just glad i did, come on big fish sort your games out this could be a good game when fixed


Re:Hint Button

[Post New]by Moonsorceress on Apr 22, 14 1:22 AM
I found out the reason I thought the hint button wasn't working was because it only works for "Hidden Objects" nothing else. This has to be the most aggrivating and difficult game I've ever played. I am guessing over 50 some places to search with no clue as to what direction to take can be frustrating. It would have been nice for Big Fish to put that information in the discription of the game as to the "Hint Button". Also I still have received no response from Customer Help after I emailed them three times. And I did check my spam mail, nothing there.

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