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Final Cut: Homage

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Apr 20, 14 12:29 AM
From the developers who brought you Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian® The Hope Diamond…

…Eipix’s dramatic continuation of the Final Cut story line! A serial killer calling himself “the Director� has targeted your father’s movie legacy for his magnum opus, and he’s cast you in the starring role.

Your father’s projector appears again as a game-play feature, allowing you to switch between real-life scenes and the Director’s movie sets. Save your family from certain death as the Director tries to immortalize them as works of “art.� Beat him at his game of cat-and-mouse. And uncover the Director’s true identity before the final credits roll!

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Re:Final Cut: Homage

[Post New]by catbag8717 on Apr 22, 14 5:31 PM
I'm going to pass. I knew who the murderer was after about 10 minutes. No way am I paying for a game I already know the ending to.


Re:Final Cut: Homage

[Post New]by penni30 on May 9, 14 9:18 AM
how do you get pass wind chimes?

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