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Phone vs. Desktop Recipes

[Post New]by JB4510 on Apr 22, 14 3:49 AM
Being new I just yesterday realized you can play the same game on both the desktop and mobile device. I'm using iPhone 4s and finding certain recipes to be much more difficult while others are truly saving me from carpal tunnel. (After my first attempt at meeting a daily demand, I had to ice my wrist and shoulder!)

I'm curious as to if anyone else plays pn both and what recipes you find easier on the phone, and which you might only be able to complete with an actual mouse.

For me, thus far, the:
sausage patties
radish salad
carrot sticks
potato salad
all are much easier on the phone and don't hurt my wrist the way they do on when using the mouse, especially the potato salad.

However, I have found that when playing on the phone I cannot make pork buns, corn muffins or any of the strainer recipes (mac ^ cheese, wontons, etc.) to save my life.

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