can't complete some of the actions

[Post New]by jennyfuller123 on Apr 22, 14 9:17 AM
There are two areas on my android game that I can't complete
1. Greenhouse. I have the birdcage and the birdseed but I cannot get the cage to hang on the hook! What am I doing wrong?
2. Can't set light to the cobwebs with the matches!
Have now found that after downloading to my PC it worked fine, so think its something to do with playing on my laptop, weird that its just these two things that won't work!

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Re:can't complete some of the actions

[Post New]by Terri218 on Jun 27, 14 6:09 PM
I'm playing on a PC but I can't remove the boards with the crowbar. I've tried placing the crowbar all over the boards but nothing happens.

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