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update is ready

[Post New]by gerl2 on Apr 22, 14 1:11 PM
Update is ready all yikes that was quick


Re:update is ready

[Post New]by Duncan_14all on Apr 22, 14 2:43 PM

I expected the update within 2 weeks or maybe 4 weeks. You're right, they're quick.
I'm just curious about the map and the change of petfood, the way of playing is still the same imo. I leveled up within 20 minutes to level 21, but stuck already with the same questions from "Friend" Pete.

It seems you can "kill" Friends, but I just want to be sure to kill Friends if I would be sure they left the building.

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Re:update is ready

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Apr 22, 14 2:48 PM
I agree. I let go of a couple I am very very confident are not playing. I'm hanging onto several though because a couple of friends that were inactive for the last couple of months have leveled up and changed their wish list so appears are playing again.


Re:update is ready

[Post New]by ScottyMac4115 on Apr 23, 14 5:13 AM
What is the deal with the 16 hour timer?


Re:update is ready

[Post New]by pennysparkles on Apr 23, 14 2:46 PM
Installed the update today and now I can't get in,, anyone else got this issue?

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