Re:I can't go it alone/once upon an older forum

[Post New]by grannykaren1999 on Apr 23, 14 8:47 AM
What I did was start a new user account on my PC. Then started a new game with that account under a new name. Leveled it up so that I could gift to the main game. Give me your Friend Code and I'll add you to my list on my new game. I'm playing under the name GK1999. My FC is 246517.

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Re:I can't go it alone/once upon an older forum

[Post New]by kittensnlace on Apr 23, 14 8:55 AM
You can set up a new user account on your computer and you should be able to start a new game, however, the problem with that is you'll be on a completely different level and depending how much time you want to put into a secondary game, the reward of one gift per day, doesn't seem to be worth it.

I, personally, have a second game I started when I was locked out of my primary game at level eighteen, but I'm only on level 15 on that game. I send five gifts a day from both games but with over 70 friends on each list, it takes over two and a half weeks to send out to everyone. I have a check list that I go by and rarely send out a gift "out of order" of my check list. I also don't bother gifting myself, except on one occasion when I sent out a duplicate egg.

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Re:I can't go it alone/once upon an older forum

[Post New]by kahlan11 on Apr 23, 14 2:12 PM
You can add me 73260 to your friend list. I too have sent gifts, but only receive 1 a day lately. (I now have 33 friends) I go through my list and gift the people who sent me for the day, then work my way down the list after that. This will take about a week, but should cover everyone until I start over again. If I don't get a gift from one of my friends after 5 days, I just keep sending to the ones who do send something. I will send to a couple of people who gifted me eggs until I feel my debt is done - so to speak Hope this makes sense.


Re:I can't go it alone/once upon an older forum

[Post New]by Pagan_Twylight on Apr 23, 14 4:37 PM
You can add me as well. 82273. Pagan1 I'd be glad to have you as a friend.

Best Wishes,

Pagan1 (although sometimes I forget to add the 1 )

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Re:I can't go it alone/once upon an older forum

[Post New]by Amerzone on Apr 23, 14 5:09 PM
Let me add that people should put at least one 'easy' item on their request list.

I have so many friends and they all want the same things and I need those things too. If you have a bemusing potion, a cube of fortune, a night orchid (ick, ick, ick...I'm sick, sick, sick of these) then your fourth item should be a stranger's badge, wand, sign of steadfast faith or something that people have a lot of and you can sell for coin.

If your friends can, they will send you the better items but if they can't then they can send the easy item so you know that they are still thinking of you.


Re:I can't go it alone/once upon an older forum

[Post New]by llaurelwreath on Apr 23, 14 6:14 PM
you can add me too. I know how it feels. I get 1 or 2 gifts a day and I have a list of 38 friends. I give all my new friends a welcome gift and wait to see if they ever reciprocate.

It can be difficult if you are more advanced in the game than they are and the items on your wishlist are not accessible to them yet. Then friends on your list that are at your level are all looking for the same things you are. I noticed though that when I ran out unusual tickets trying to get through the bow figurine for Pirate Pete almost everyone gifted me one when I put it on my wish list. You can add me to your friends list. My ID is 164047.

I gift everyone first that has gifted me on that day then I go through my list of names that I haven't gifted recently and send a second gift. If I don't get a gift reciprocated after 3 tries then I quit sending to them. I've also been known to spend diamonds to gift responsive friends when I'm able. I have had some very generous friends as well as ones that never gift.

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Re:I can't go it alone/once upon an older forum

[Post New]by awalkinglady on Apr 23, 14 6:17 PM
Most of these comments are spot on! Getting gifts depends entirely on your wish list items. I usually try to put one airship item, a pet food, a mark, and then either an egg or item for the Bow Figurine....just in case it helps with the Wheel or Petr1 decides to send a gift.


Re:I can't go it alone/once upon an older forum

[Post New]by llaurelwreath on Apr 23, 14 6:20 PM
which reminds me....does anyone here need a Pegasus egg? I won my very first wheel egg tonight. If you do PM me tonight. I still have 1 more friend I can gift today.

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Re:I can't go it alone/once upon an older forum

[Post New]by AnnaDownes01 on Apr 24, 14 1:01 AM
I play several games but I gift the following

a) In order of gift received if I have the item needed.

once all gifts have been repaid I gift in order of acceptance as friend date.

Since two of my games have over 100 friends, one has over 200 & the other has over 450 friends it can be difficult to get to everybody. My aim is to gift
everyone at least once before Christmas.

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I can't go it alone/once upon an older forum

[Post New]by cabogal on Apr 25, 14 10:45 AM
gadget23mom wrote:I keep reading about all the gift giving going on and I have to say I'm jealous. I've gifted to 5 of my friends daily, but I also think that some of the list are duplicate people playing multiple games to get needed items. I don't want to sound like sour grapes, but reciprocating once in a while from some of them sure would be nice.......

Not everyone who creates a second account does it to get more gifts. I created a 2nd user account in order to send more than 5 gifts a day and send myself something every once in a while. My 2nd account only has eggs on it's wishlist.

The social area really needs improvement. I read that the social aspect of this game was a first for Elephant and I think they are still trying to figure it out. I just wish they had added private messaging before adding the delete button. I just had two of my favorite friends remove themselves from my friends list. We used to exchange every 2-3 days up until I entered the Bow Figurine. During levels 19-21 I really struggled with gifting. Some days I didn't have anything to spare so I ended up spending diamonds to buy gifts. These 2 friends were only at levels 14 & 15 so they had no idea what I was dealing with so I can understand that they felt slighted because I wasn't sending them gifts as often as before. The sad thing is that after I finished leve 22 I began stockpiling before the update and had begun helping people with specials gifts after they entered the Bow Figurine. I was making sure they got something they really needed like a life potion and I was crafing rived disks and amulets and trying to gift one per day. One of these friends was just entering the Bow when they unfriended me. I wish I could have pm'd her to let her know I had her back and was going to help her.

I think being losing friends without ever getting a chance to talk to them upset me so much more than this latest upgrade. Even though we never spoke, I felt we really tried to look after each other. If I could have only pm'd them to let them know that while I was doing the intial rounds of the Bow that I wasn't forgetting them and that if they hung in there I'd make it up to them. That's why I reactivated my 2nd account and stayed up late into the wee hours of the morning so I could get my 2nd game level high enough that I could reach the the items that are needed most. Sad thing is I think I lost 2 other people because I gifted too often.

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