Missing Inventory Item

[Post New]by pvangel on Apr 24, 14 4:46 PM
I acquired the puzzle piece for the puzzle at the end of the cable car ride, but after getting to the top, the piece wasn't in my inventory to continue on. Any Ideas on what happened?

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Re:Missing Inventory Item

[Post New]by Janeport on Apr 27, 14 3:27 AM
Probably a silly question, but did you actually pick it up? I have more than once earned something for the inventory, but then discovered I had not click on it to pick it up so had to go back and do so.


Re:Missing Inventory Item

[Post New]by pvangel on Apr 27, 14 11:23 AM
Maybe I didn't, I just created another profile and when I got to that point, made sure it was in my inventory before I went on. Finished the game with no other problems.

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