mini game does not work in hotel room

[Post New]by PDLifer on Apr 24, 14 10:09 PM
after using camera and filter on swan in hotel lobby went to hotel room and attempted to do the mini game in cabinet but it will not activate and hint button does not work all
I get is a question mark on game panel in cabinet


Re:mini game does not work in hotel room

[Post New]by horsenbuggy on Jun 21, 14 5:32 PM
I'm stuck in the same place. I thought maybe I didn't work the camera correctly, but I can't get the camera to activate over the swan again. I can't do ANYTHING at this point. It's really frustrating. I want my money back. The hint button just takes me to the box on the hotel lobby desk. But I can't open that box without playing the minigame in the hotel room.

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