New York: Can't Turn on Light

[Post New]by TangoOversway on Apr 25, 14 10:24 PM
I got to the obelisk in New York. I touched the plaque and read it. Even touched it to see if it activated anything. Then touched the light and was told about the cable running down the hill. I went down the hill - touching on the area near the right of the screen. I'm down on a sidewalk with stairs leading up to the obelisk and I can see the obelisk on a hill.

There is *no* switch there and when I look at the walkthrough no this site, the image of the screen where you can see the power switch is different from what I see on screen when I'm down from the hill.

I keep going back and forth, but these are the only two screens I can get to - the one on the hill with the obelisk, and the one down the hill, looking up at the obelisk.

I've touched all over the screen with the obelisk and all over the one down off the hill and the only things I can do are go up and down between the screens and see a closeup of the plaque and get the message about the light.

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