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How do I get expert on the last level? 5-10?

[Post New]by elizaew on Mar 23, 09 6:00 PM
I haev played and played but can't get hgher than about 36,500. How does one get expert on this level????

Also, I absolutely hate the tug0of-war mini games and itis driving me nuts that I can't get the final tug-of-war. I hate playing it and it's so hard that I have to keep trying it over and over.


Re:How do I get expert on the last level? 5-10?

[Post New]by Wishsong on Jul 27, 10 10:27 PM
Sorry - I was hoping for some help here, too. I can't even get to the goal on this level. Can you help me with that?

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Re:How do I get expert on the last level? 5-10?

[Post New]by Slavicdiva on Jan 5, 11 8:00 PM
I can't get expert (yet) either - the highest I've gotten is somewhere in the 38,00os.

Here's how I got the goal score:

Upgrade everything.

I put yellow peeps on the 2 rightmost machines, blue peeps on the ones on the left, and red peeps on the 2 combination machines at the bottom.

One mat for each color, and one shower for each color. Don't mix them up, so you get the color-match bonuses. Ditto for the machines.

Force-finish somebody every time a snack is ready. Get the peeps out of there ASAP!

Try to park your peeps on the mats before & after using the machines, if you can. It gives a color-match multiplier, too.

I was trying to water up my peeps who are done before putting them in the showers, but I keep running out of time to collect towels & bottles, or keep having to fix stuff that breaks.

I just haven't been fast enough (or maybe coordinated enough) to get the gold yet. I will keep trying, but my arm & hand are tired, and it's time for bed.

If anybody has a better strategy, I'd sure like to hear it! This is the only level where I don't have gold.

Those women are driving me nuts - the ones who come in half-mad already, and the businesswomen who get mad at the drop of a hat. I hated the businesswomen in all the other "Dash" games, though. There just isn't enough time to keep watering them.

With all that water, shouldn't there be little bathrooms?

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