Rotten apple in bonus game

[Post New]by Vicky1956 on Apr 26, 14 11:41 PM
I have my rotten apple but the plant wont eat it. Is it a positional problem or do I need to do something else before it will take the apple.


Re:Rotten apple in bonus game

[Post New]by Monty14 on Jun 1, 14 3:29 PM
I'm having to same problem with iPad, did you figure it out?

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Re:Rotten apple in bonus game

[Post New]by MusicNat on Jun 1, 14 11:26 PM
I am almost finished with this game on iPad.

It has many spots where you have to place items in an exact spot which is frustrating. It must be an issue of finding that "sweet spot".

Try placing it all over and see if that works. At times the item is placed in an odd location, so I thought I was doing the wrong thing.

Did you have any luck?

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