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STRATEGY: re-purposing rooms--a long-term game alternative

[Post New]by girlgotgame on Apr 27, 14 9:49 AM
(I suggest before reading this, that you read my thread on "STRATEGY: short and long-term games")

Just because the developers tell you that a room is the living room doesn't mean it has to be. Want your bathroom somewhere else? Want to change the use of your home entirely? You can, without losing the advantages of following the assigned tasks.

Using this method, I am changing the "Open Plan home" to an entertainment venue, changing the "Vacation Home" to a bed and breakfast, changing the "Bachelor's Home" to a psychiatrist's office/home, and changing the "Family Home" to a day-care center. Why? Because I can.

Here's how to do it:

First, follow the strategy for the short-term game as detailed in my other thread. Then, just as in the regular long-term game, work on one room at a time, re-purposing it, and filling in with furniture and fittings appropriate to the new use.

For example, in the couple's home, i thought the dining room should be near the living room, so in my long-term game, I flipped the dining room and kitchen. The larger new dining room space gave me room to add a nice wet bar area, with counters and stools.

In my conversion of the vacation home to a bed and breakfast, I am moving the kitchen to the library space, and converting the kid's room, baby's room, original kitchen and original bathroom to guest rooms. In each guest room I am adding a sink, toilet and shower, set apart from the rest of the room by bookcases. The central entertainment room is becoming a lounge, with fireplace, video games, TV, etc. The living room is becoming a reception area and--in front of the newly-relocated kitchen (former library) a breakfast area.

The master suite (bed and bathroom) is being retained as an owner's suite, with a comfy sitting area in the bedroom.

(Even in my first iteration of the vacation home, when I realized there was only one baby and one child, I made both of them females, and put them in one bedroom, I moved the bathroom to the former baby's room, and re-purposed the original bathroom as a sun room.)

NOTE: The most important part of this is to follow the strategy for the short-term game, first, to maximize your collection of gold coins, as well as task-earned cash and XP.

The developers have not given us a game that is exactly what we want--but we also don't have to play it exactly as expected. once you get down the strategy of accumulation, you can do anything you want within your own virtual walls.

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