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[Post New]by Akaabbey on Apr 28, 14 12:49 PM
I just finished the Main Game and started on the Bonus Chapter....

I was pleasantly surprised at Rosa's character, even after everything she had been through she actually looked like a Damsel in Distress! Hair out of place, dress torn, etc..... Not like the usual Glam Gals we see most often!

It was refreshing to see that!


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[Post New]by tookat on Apr 28, 14 3:02 PM
oh cool.....going to look forward to seeing that....as too many Devs design the characters and never change the image through the game.
It is always up to me to suspend my voice of reality but I always mutter to myself about either seeing the same outfit through the entire game or as you say....the people look the same.....esp the women, all put together and their make up never gets ruined.

For all the complaints in the reviews about ERS going backward I have really been enjoying this game, and had to applaud them for having a reaction shot on the café owner, showing his fear.....and then later, taking other characters, and showing the differences in them.

and before people start pitching in to say that plenty of other games show character changes...yes, as I was writing this, I realized that it does happen in many games, but this time, I felt, it was noticeable....but, I was looking for what made this game so unenjoyable to so many reviewers, and for the life of me, cannot find reason to complain. I think ERS has done as fine a job as they always do.....so, can only conclude that maybe some people are just getting tired of seeing the same style or approach from each company over and over again....which is fine...both ways, a company can choose to have a trademark look to their work.....and yes, people get tired of things being to much the same.

It may be time for ERS to come up with a new series that is different.

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[Post New]by tammytheo on May 12, 14 10:45 PM
Interesting comments Akaabbey and tookat!

To be honest, I didn't notice this particular thing about Rosa but what did cross my mind when I first saw her was that the devs, most likely had Penelope Cruz in mind in creating her!

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[Post New]by dancemom1 on May 27, 14 7:34 PM
I noted that as well, tookat. I've seen a lot of that "look a like" stuff lately. Some how makes it a bit more realistic. Now if the devs would just use English words for items, that would be nice...a clove is not a carnation, a pawprint is not a handprint. There were a couple of items I had to use the hint on because I had no idea what they were.

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