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bonus round

[Post New]by mmouse2 on Apr 28, 14 5:02 PM
I'm in the bedroom. I can't figure out what else to do. Not all of the tiles, can't get whatever is in the ink pot. All I have is a magnet and a dust rag. How do I get it?
I'm really disappointed there isn't a walk through for this or a more explicit hint. Why buy a collector's edition if I can't finish the whole game?


Re:bonus round

[Post New]by myhammie on Oct 19, 14 3:14 AM
I'm stuck there also. If I find an answer I will let you be the second one to know!!


Re:bonus round

[Post New]by myhammie on Oct 19, 14 3:20 AM

mmouse2 I found the answer!!!
Put the magnet directly on the ink in the bottle not the top of bottle. I was stuck on this for hours. No kidding !! Hope this puts a smile on your face now!

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