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If this game is so simple why am I doing so poorly?

[Post New]by notdeadyet on Apr 29, 14 11:06 AM
It took me one second to learn how to play this game. However is this a matter of luck to be successful.I am replaying certain levels to gain tools.Are there any tips that would help me? What tools rea most helpful?

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Re:If this game is so simple why am I doing so poorly?

[Post New]by wnight1 on Oct 19, 14 12:46 PM
I have played all the games and bought everything in the golf shop and won all the trophies . If you play a course and a special card pops up ., where it spins after you click on it ,to get whatever it stops on .You will find out that you have to click as soon as it stops spinning .It will give you a different cards , depending on when you stopped it from spinning , but you will learn to click on the card at a certain time and it will almost keep giving you a good card .

Playing all course's , which is 9 per sheet and 7 sheets including the special 9 games at the end . You can go back to the first sheet and do not click on the training ones .Start with the third one on the first sheet . Get a piece of paper and write down how many cards there are for all 7 games on the first sheet .Remember not the training ones . So there will not be nine numbers , You will understand when I get done.
This is so you do not have to wait for a special game card to pop up .You will know where they all are . Then just click on the deck where the special card is an keep clicking until it pops up , also free club cards will pop up also.

These decks with these card amounts will not have any special cards in them ;

Game sheet 1 Training , Training , 24,13, 22, 17, 17, 20 ,14
Game sheet 2 19, 18, 15, 23,15, 18, 17, 24,18
Game Sheet 3 11, 20, 13, 19, 12, 13, 17, 15,11
Game Sheet 4 27, 17, 17, 18, 18, 21,05, 21, 14
Game Sheet 5 23, 21, 17, 13, 26, 11, 18, 20, 08
Game Sheet 6 15, 18, 16, 11, 19, 09, 22, 11, 22
Game Sheet 7 08, 18, 17, 09, 14, 07, 22, 09, 15
You have to buy the (number of cards left in the deck) at the golf shop to be able to do this.
Any deck that has more cards in it then the number I have given you , has a special card in in . So just keep clicking on the deck until you get it .Don't play the cards because it will take forever to keep getting special cards .Keep racking up money and Clubs . When your bag is full of all the clubs , go back to a game that you did not finish with all pars and use the extra clubs to max the game. Keep doing this until you have completed all the games and won all the trophies . You will get the hang of it .
Good luck

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