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Can't play new levels.

[Post New]by bjcs319 on Apr 29, 14 4:00 PM
I downloaded the newest update. I get the board, but the levels are not numbered. so, I cannot play the new levels. Please help. I tried posting this under the Technical section, but got no response. Please help. L love this game, and want to play the new levels. PS. I uninstalled the game, and reinstalled., Same outcome.

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Re:Can't play new levels.

[Post New]by bfgWendwater on Apr 30, 14 3:54 PM
Hey bjcs319,

I'm so sorry to see there has been difficulty playing the new levels.

Sometimes, problems like you described may be caused if the computer doesn't have permission to access all of the folders and files to run the game properly. If this is the case, it may be easily fixed by running the game as an Administrator. I have the steps to do this in the link below:

Run Game as Administrator

If this doesn't help, please feel free to contact our Tech Support Team with a Dr. Felix Report.

Since this is a technical issue, I will need to lock this thread.


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