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Brunhilda and the dark crystal

[Post New]by retiredrn on Apr 29, 14 7:17 PM
I have just reloaded the above game to start at Chapt. 3. The forest is there and the goblin (little person in back). But, not Brunhilda. There is nothing else on the screen but the gremlin in his usual lower right hand corner. He can't help either. There are no items loaded or directions as to what to do next. Clicking anywhere does not help. nothing responds.

Also noticed in the forum that someone else had the same problem with this game that I had when I downloaded it on another computer. Brunhilda and other items were surrounded by a box cutting off the items and was unable to play on that computer. It is a Windows Vista. Tech support never did address this problem. The game downloaded well on my laptop until I had the problem stated in the paragraph above. Has anyone had either of these happen?

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