Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by pondprowler on Apr 30, 14 12:33 AM
A thread for your reviews!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Apr 30, 14 12:46 AM
Thank you pondprowler

Science & Magic Collide***


Well, it includes all the extras of a CE game for a SE price, so it can’t be all bad. And it’s quite good. A little slow to get started, but it picked up towards the end of the demo.

Initially, I was unimpressed with the production quality of this game. The graphics ranged from cartoony to grainy and pixelated. But, past the introduction, this was not the case at all. The game itself looked and sounded just fine. It’s just some of the cut scenes that are poorly made. There is quite a lot of darkness, but the items you need to find usually stand out reasonably well in locations and are quite clear in the HOPs.

The voiceovers are good. An attempt has been made to pay lip service (sorry, couldn’t resist) to lip synching, with a vague, small movement of the mouth. Looks fine to me. The music is light and airy, strange in such a dark game, but very pleasant. It gets a bit repetitive after a while. Ambient sound is great, loads of toads and birds and burbling.

Your saviour and mentor Prof. Ashmore has been murdered. But you know there’s more to it than that. You head off to the island retreat you grew up on in order to find out the truth. In particular, you are looking for the prof’s assistant, who has been missing since the death.

Very much a HOP-dominant game, it still has plenty of puzzles as well. The HOPs are interactive lists, with a twist. One or two items will be morphing, and you can only click on them when they are in the state given in the word list. It does make it a bit more interesting and challenging! These scenes are each visited twice.

The other puzzles are nothing particularly exciting, but good enough to hold my interest. They are not too hard so far. Adventure gameplay is logical and simple and generally obvious. Hint is directional and the map is an interactive jump map. There is also a journal.

The only thing this game lacks to qualify as a CE is the SG, and perhaps a little more in graphics quality. Everything else you’d expect from a CE is here. Gallery items, Bonus chapter, Achievements and Collectible, Replayable puzzles and HOPs.

I can’t get worked up about this game, despite its good qualities. Perhaps I am just tired. But I wouldn’t be rushing out to get this game right this instant. It will be on my wish list, but I can wait...

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by JulieJay on Apr 30, 14 1:30 AM
Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure.

Gameplay was not as smooth as I like but not bad.

Graphics okay - a bit dated I thought.

Puzzles - a bit easy in the demo - hopefully get more interesting

HO scenes - find by word list, some interactivity and also at least 1 morphing item but no real challenge as the item is listed and the word changes from green to white when that item is visible

Map - yes, transportable and shows active areas - I had a bit of trouble at first as it didn't seem to want to transport me a few times.

Objectives - yes but very basic i.e. "open the gate".

Diary - yes.

Any hidden extras i.e. morphing/collectables/achievements - yes to all 3 but morphing only in HO as above

Voiceovers - yes, very well done.

Inventory - locks in place but it took me a couple of goes before I realised I had to click on the lock when the inventory bar was down.

My verdict - I was excited at first to see a game with all the CE extras but at an SE price, however the actual game didn't blow me away and I'm a bit undecided

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by Nilosh on Apr 30, 14 1:35 AM
Obviously Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond was meant to be a CE but lucky for us it is being offered as a Standard Edition game which reminds me of the earlier days when many Standard Edition HOPA games were both interesting and entertaining to play.

We begin with a very interesting storyline involving the late Professor Ashmore who took you in as a child and raised you as his own on Iowa Island. Years later you learn of his death which is shrouded by mystery and only you seem to be having a feeling of unease about the circumstance. Your past is shrouded in secrecy and now you set forth to unearth the truth behind your past and reveal the cause of your beloved Professor’s death. This mission takes you back to the Island of Iowa where the supernatural is waiting for you and soon you will learn the truth about yourself.

Although the graphics are dark and blurred at times, the game has a unique graphic novel look to it, with hand-drawn artwork and cartoon like images; very much reminiscent to earlier games we used to have. There are voice-overs and mouths do seem to be in sync but not very well done. The music is quiet in the background, no elaborate special effects and the animations involved are slow and not very sophisticated. Yet the overall look still manages to create an ominous atmosphere and it actually works with this game.

What we have here is a standard HOPA game with only two modes of difficulty to choose from. Unfortunately if you do decide to play the regular mode, you will get some sparkles and glints. In advance mode, you get no sparkles, no glints and no map indicators. In addition, characters offer little help as way of black bar tips so the game does become more challenging. Hidden objects scenes that are played twice and they are classic: a list of twelve items, some require interactions and some morph within the scene. The graphics are not as sharp as I would like them to be which made some items difficult to spot mostly because of poor lighting; nevertheless I still enjoyed playing them. Adventure game requires you to search for inventory items and at times you either find yourself with a full inventory or nothing at all. There is a lot of backtracking to do but luckily you have the jump map to help you with that. Mini-games were interesting, at least the ones I managed to get through during the demo. Overall the game does play a bit slowly, some actions were cumbersome and the lack of sound effects and special effects dulled the overall atmosphere, not quite supporting the sinister storyline.

There are extras that involve collecting green leaves throughout the game which I haven’t discovered the reference for them as of yet. There is also a list of achievements to earn and some will prove to be difficult, especially when you don’t have a SG under your belt. There are extra HO scenes as well as a bonus game to play as part of your Extras.

Despite some of the elements that made this game seem dated, I still enjoyed the demo. I found the storyline interesting and I really did like the fact that you needed to use your wits along with your memory to solve some of the puzzles. It is a good game, entertaining at times but does run a bit slow. Nevertheless I liked it and as far as the usual standard edition games go, this really gives you a good game play. It really took me back to earlier games that we use to get and sometimes, classic is good. I give it four stars and will definitely be spending one of my free game credits.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by pjplanner on Apr 30, 14 2:38 AM
I lost interest in this game very quickly but did stick out to the end of the demo to give it the chance it deserves. But I don't like it. The graphics are very 2 dimensional and not up to the standard of much better games. It seems very dated and I hate when I choose Advanced/Expert and still get sparkles when it clearly states that these are not active in this game mode. And having to revisit HOS is a lazy ploy from the developers! Too many HOS and no real logic to moving to certain locations. The morphing in the HOS, I suppose, is to make this more interesting but it just draws attention to that object and makes it easier to find. I didn't find the puzzles very challenging and there are a bit samey. One more thing - would somebody please explain why there is a Grandfather clock on the steps outside the building!!

Having said all that, this is purely a matter of opinion so others may find it much more enjoyable than myself.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by sassylassie on Apr 30, 14 5:50 AM
From the demo:

I truly love the game and bought it. One note: if you pick expert mode and see sparkles in the game, check your options again because you might have to re-tick the expert mode, I did. The VO's are awesome and fit the characters well. The main character has a great sense of humor which makes the game more pleasant. There achievements and collectibles in the game as well as a bonus chapter.

Story: You have to return to Iowa Island to find out who murdered Prof. Ashmore the person who raised you as his own. So far they do have on suspect and you want to go find this suspect to see what exactly happened and if he is the culprit or not.

Graphics: To me are beautifully done, but I do have a new HD monitor and a high end comp. I didn't see nothing wrong at all with them.

Mini Games: Yes we have seen them before but these are the kind I love. Not the kind where it takes umpteen steps to finish alas BX4, DX6 etc.

Hint Button: Works great for both in and out of H0GS. I enjoy going for the achievements so I don't use it in the H0G scenes.

Map: You get a '?' on where you have to go next, and yes it's a jump map.

Music: Done just right kudos to the team. It fits the game just right

Game Modes: There is 'casual' and 'expert'. If you check expert in the main menu before you start the game, make sure it's still checked when you go in game. Note: in game you can switch between Expert and Casual if you wish.

There is a bonus game "The Dream" after the main game. All in all this team did an awesome job and kudos to them. I am looking forward to the rest of the game. Btw, I live in Iowa, I wonder if we have an Iowa Island.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Apr 30, 14 8:33 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by daisyduck352 on Apr 30, 14 2:15 PM
A nice game, and enjoyed playing it. Has a map, hints and puzzles are fun too. HOG.s were a little different too, some were hidden and you had to wait until they appeared.. Give this 3 out of 5 stars..


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by NancySusan on Apr 30, 14 3:09 PM
To my surprise, I kind of liked this -- enough to use the current sale (TOCK) to get the game. Per the really nice reviews, it makes quite a good SE -- not perfect -- I didn't enjoy the mini-games much, but then I was tearing through the demo to get as far into the story as possible to decide if I wanted the game. I also liked the voiceover for the female character (I loved that she was something other than U.S. or U.K.), but then we didn't hear her agai, at least during the demo. The lighthouse guy sounded like some ruralish British, which was also fun -- at least it sounded authentic. The graphics were fine for me -- I also have a fairly new monitor and computer, with a lot of light trained on the screen from a desk lamp, so I saw pretty much everything with little problem. I'm not usually a HOP person, but I was sort of intrigued by the mix of images in the HOPs, and I liked the morphing objects within them, as well as the fairly simple tasks to be performed (interactive). It is a bit old-fashioned, but again, hard to complain with some CE aspects in an SE. I have no idea where the game is going, but for an SE, this isn't bad at all.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by tesamoine on Apr 30, 14 5:24 PM
I totally enjoyed the trial for this game. Yes, the graphics were not top notch. However, I enjoyed the game play and the story line. There were a tad few too many HOS for my taste but with the morphing objects thrown in, they were interesting. The mini games were fine also. I do like that the developer put so many extras in this game. I enjoy these stand alone SE's. Loved the fact that there is a jump map if needed and achievements. Music was well done. Game played flawlessly for me. Enjoy

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by FORTUNATUS on Apr 30, 14 5:52 PM
A definite buy for me.... a new developer with a great start with this game IMHO!

Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond..." has a mysterious, supernatural atmosphere yet doesn't neglect a soft and silly side as well [I had to chuckle re: the cute little 'old' lady in the beginning with her checkered flair to fashion!] Ok... works for me, lol.

I appreciated the developers took care not to use overly symbolic occult [referencing the demo only] and yet was able to pull off the intensity of a darker theme.

Good job, devs!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Apr 30, 14 6:26 PM
Reminiscent of the television series, "Stargate" or the movie "Timeline," we have an interdimensional game in which "you," a rather creepy, strange woman orphaned as a child and raised by an even creepier Professor Ashmore, receive mysterious psychic impressions that he is in danger. He is pronounced dead; however, you intuitively know that something more sinister is afoot which may explain (a) why he adopted you (b) why you were so "special" to be adopted and (c ) why you are experiencing weird impressions about his disappearance. All of this seems to be tied to an experiment involving either a "really cool" interdimensional time portal or a space portal to other universes. Incorporated with the science theme is an element of an evil supernatural presence. I only played the demo and have no idea how all these themes interconnect.

This game is dated but fairly good for an SE. It has a compelling storyline which keeps you in suspense throughout the game. Actually, I agree with others as it seems to be an incomplete "dated" CE. There is voice. There are two levels of play. There are even collectibles - laboratory flasks, cameos, coins, and leaves (and what these four items have in common, I have no idea). The HOP scenes are interactive; however, we have those dreaded July 4th "sparkles" all over the place. The puzzles are decent and not terribly difficult. The graphics are indicative of an older game. For an original SE, this is a good game. I rate this 5 stars out of 5 stars.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by kdubs on Apr 30, 14 7:53 PM
This game is a pleasant surprise. I love the setting and the colors. The old guy at the lighthouse was a kick -- his image paired well with his voice.

There's alot to do and a fair degree of backtracking. I didn't notice if the map was a "jump map" or not cuz I rarely resort to a map. I prefer just to play the game and try to remember what inventory I needed where...then keep wandering around til I find what I'm after.

After reading reviews which said graphics weren't very good and/or too dark, I said oh no!...and expected to have vision problems. But even with my aging eyes and 17" screen, there were only a couple of items too tiny or in such a dark location. That's what the hints are for!

Nice that it's got some CE-like 'extras'. This is a definite buy, once May 1st arrives.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by catbag8717 on May 1, 14 12:22 AM

This is hands down one of the worst games I have played in a long time. I have almost nothing positive to say about the game. I highly advise you steer clear of this one.

The one positive about this game that I can think of is that the story did have potential. It has been done many times before, but it's got an interesting plot and, had I not quit during the demo, might have turned out to be very interesting. The basic plotline follows the death of the main character's adopted father. She (surprise, surprise male players, it's a female main character!) must return to the island to find out what really happened and who she “really” is. Again, this has been done a lot, but I felt the story had real potential.

The gameplay was a huge let-down for me. The HOS for instance, were awful. Sometimes there would be morphing objects! This was a disaster for me. Extra-step objects I can handle, but not morphing objects! My eyesight is not very good, so how on earth am I meant to look for other objects as well as trying to spot morphing ones? Bad move, developers. Bad move. The amount of HOS was pretty good; in the 15 minutes I played (that was a much as I could manage), I found 2 HOS. This indicates to me that there would have been a few.
The puzzles were also quite easy. I encountered one and solved it almost instantly. This, as well as other reviews, indicates to me that all the puzzles will be very easy. A bit of a let-down.
Besides that, there were other elements of the gameplay that just annoyed me. For example, we had to find an old lady's cat. I zoomed in on a scene and the cat was clearly there and I could see it looking at me, but the game wouldn't let me take it because I hadn't lit the lantern. It just said “it is too dark here”. Um... it can't be that dark if I can see a black cat. Just saying.

This is your standard HOPA with no additional features of any kind. There are no animal helpers, + objects or anything. Overall, the game had a very easy feeling to it. Experienced players will hate this one.

The graphics are rather cartoony. They have an amateur-ish feel to them. One positive of the graphics is that the scenes are clear and drawn with a bit of detail. The character designs, however, look cartoony.
One of the voices really annoyed me in this game. The main character sounded like a robot. She didn't sound human at all. Her words were cut-off a lot. This annoyed me. Other than that, the voice-overs are fine.
The music in the game also annoyed me so much that I had to switch it off. Repetitive and loud animal noises were played constantly, and the music was repetitive. There is nothing worse in a game than annoying sounds/music. This drove down the enjoyment factor for me.

I noticed a few typos in the game. For example, the tutorial message said “green items could be a morphing items”, when it should have said morphing item. The coffin a HOS said 1790-18552 instead of 1852. That means the person either died at over 10,000 years old or this was a mistake. I'm going for the second option. This game really needed some extra proof-reading before it was published. It would be rather embarrasing for a developer to know they had made such amateur mistakes.

2 modes of difficulty: Casual and Advanced. Differences are the usual. I played Casual.
Hint/Skip- both recharged at a reasonable rate for the difficulty I selected. Hint is helpful outside HOS.
Diary- keeps track of events. Good for remembering important story details.
Map- Interactive and helpful
Bonus Chapter
Collectible leaves
Concept Art
Replay movies
Replay HOS & Puzzles

Overall, this is an absolutely disastrous game, and thus, I must give it a one. star rating, something I have not had to do in a long time (My last one star review was written June 23, 2013). This game is truly awful in every meaning of the word. I barely managed to play through 15 minutes.
Even though it has all the CE Extras at a SE price, I would not buy this game if someone offered me money for it. I think we have a winner for worst game of 2014.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by LovetoMissLisa on May 1, 14 2:58 AM
It's so long in between getting new SE's that aren't from CE's...that I find myself liking more of them...then not. I like this game and bought it. It gives me a chance to use my punch card's also.

Thank you to everyone for all the reviews. I read all of them.

We all like different games...but I'm enjoying this one. It's always worth the free trial. I always say...even if you don't like a game now...always re-visit it another time. You might change your mind. At least...this has happened to me over the years of playing games. I've not liked a game when it came out...and passed on buying it...and re-visited later...and purchased it...and ended up loving it.

I rate this game: "PIGLET"

“These are my terms" for hogs, I hogs, frogs & adventure games.

The absolute best of the best! It has everything you want in a game and things you didn’t know you wanted in a game.
It is a rare beauty and a must have! Beyond expectations! I really love it!

Great game! Best graphics and storyline. All the bells and whistles! The best and greatest of games! I love it!

Good game. I like these little gems! This game is for true lovers of these types of games.

May be a likable game for some, but not for everyone. It’s just mediocre.

Don't run away with this pig’s foot. LOL

Rolling in the mud! Don’t go near it or you'll get soiled.
‘ ‘

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by roaming on May 4, 14 12:45 PM
I happily played the demo for about 40 minutes before I realized I was actually quite bored. I might be the only one who liked the morphing objects in the HOS. I didn't think they were hard to spot at all. There were also a few interactive items in the HOS.

The graphics were interesting. I especially liked the stars that twinkled in front of the clouds!

I can't really say why I found the game boring. Maybe just too much of the same old thing? Maybe it wasn't moving the story along fast enough? Or maybe I'm just tired.

At any rate, I do recommend you try this one, especially since it's a CE that was released as an SE.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by dollyflower on May 6, 14 9:54 AM
I see that there have been quite a few fishies who have had technical problems. So far (halfway?) I have had ony one HOS that was a problem and I just clicked away on it until I hit the object I was looking for. No penalties for multple clicks. This scene actually came up twice and was covered by some sort of colorful pattern. All other HOS have been problem free. Also my hint button has NOT stopped working. I really this game. The graphics are beautiful, clear and detailed! I'm doing ok without a walkthrough except that I've missed one leaf and one medalion and I haven't found a way to go back to check again. The game has been especially appealing to me! I give it 5


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by pierrotlunaire0 on Jun 24, 14 6:12 PM
Decent game, but don't they have any access to someone with a decent grasp of the English language? I've played games that had worse spelling, but I still find it distracting. Let me put it out there: For a measly $20, I will proofread your game and fix typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by Jurinne on Aug 24, 14 9:51 PM
It doesn't grab me for some reason and I would not buy it as a CE. Of course I don't have to and that is the main selling point of this game. Good SEs are so rare and I've got some freebies burning a hole in my pocket.

I don't see anything special or new except for the morphing objects in the HOS. I have to admit that I'm a big fan of morphing objects and I see this as a positive. Good move, devs!

It's maybe but that's good enough for a free game.

So this one is going on my list. And I hope it gets better - like maybe the puzzles and HOS taking longer than one minute to complete?

Addendum: Tech problems of other fishies are noted. I won't purchase unless I can play the entire demo glitch-free. I've been through heck and back with tech problems on another game today and I'm sick of it.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond - The Untold Story here

[Post New]by sandicats5 on Oct 17, 14 5:59 PM
game was so so. I played till the end but found parts of it hard to do. Glad I used a free coupon.

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