Challengemode 1 yellow lines

[Post New]by trcsteelhead on May 2, 14 2:34 PM
I am really having trouble with the challenge level destroy 3 yellow lines. What am I doing wrong? It tell you that you make yellow lines with match above the line. So I try to make matches below the line, the only thing that destroys the yellow seems to be the "bombs" and the character at the side, when I can use him. HELP, and thanks, trc


Re:Challengemode 1 yellow lines

[Post New]by cherylgeller on May 11, 14 10:42 AM
You have to make a solid yellow row (a row not a column) in the bottom region to make that yellow row disappear. You do this by creating yellow blocks in upper area that fall into place and make a row in the bottom region have the solid yellow background all the way across. Once a row in the bottom region has yellow background tiles all the way across, that row will disappear and count as one of the three rows you must destroy to finish level. In addition to falling down from matches made in the upper region, yellow tiles at bottom also occur coming up from the very bottom and they push tiles above them upwards.

Note: You must destroy three rows before any yellow background tiles get pushed up into top region of board. Once a yellow background tile gets pushed into upper region the level ends.

As with other levels in this part of the game, in order to get the highest "three gem" score you must fill the "gem score bar" with a high enough score by making matches. Bombs increase the "gem counter" score. You do not get a higher gem score by finishing faster, you get it by playing enough matches or bombs to fill that gem counter on lower left of screen. -c


Re:Challengemode 1 yellow lines

[Post New]by trcsteelhead on May 13, 14 11:37 PM
Hi Cheryl, Thanks, Yay, I got it! Theresa

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