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High score contest

[Post New]by gerl2 on May 4, 14 9:22 AM
Just wondering if their would be enough interest out their to do a high score contest. I am trying to find a way to get threw level 21 and 22.

leave the sign up for a week
people on list befriends each other
whoever has the most highest score out of 20 host(go up to tent)
we will leave the game up for a week to try to beat any high scores.

WINs from all the loosers a night orchard(I tried to pick something easy to craft but used alot).

anybody interested

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Re:High score contest

[Post New]by FudgeChi on May 5, 14 10:27 AM
I meant to reply yesterday but then had to go out!

I'd be interested, it would help me get through Level 22 too.

Even if there's not much interest we could always do it between ourselves for fun!

Add me if you like, I play as 0Snoozle0 41480

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