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What do the power ups do?

[Post New]by Dude3032 on Mar 24, 09 11:24 AM
I've just started the game and am confused (and forget) what the power ups do. I know the hammer busts one square, but what do the other things do?

Oh, and is it better to finish a scene fast (like in Fishdom), or is it better to get as many points as possible and finish just before time runs out?

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Re:What do the power ups do?

[Post New]by GmaGale on Mar 30, 09 8:17 PM
Each powerup will highlight the areas it affects when you place it on the board.

Tesla's Hammer will get rid of all same-color tiles (example, all the green).

The Bomb will clear an area - especially helpful when you want to release a group of puzzle pieces; extra lives; money bags; so forth. And later on, it really helps when you deal with the rocks.

Fireball will clear columns/rows (straight lines).

Regarding the time factor - you get Bonus points for finishing the Day quickly. And every 100,000 points, you get another life.

The Journey will continue after the Last Day; any lives and points you have will carry-over to the next Journey (you don't start back at zero).

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