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game diaappears

[Post New]by dst12 on May 8, 14 7:55 AM
the minute I click play the game disappears and the mouse arrow also, how can I play this game?

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Re:game diaappears

[Post New]by bfgWendwater on May 8, 14 10:54 AM
Hi dst12,

I'm sorry to see there are issues with the mouse cursor in your game.

Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the game can help to make sure all the files are loaded correctly on your computer. There are some to do this steps located in the link below:

Uninstall/Reinstall a Game

If that doesn't help, please contact our Tech Support Team with a Dr. Felix Report. One of our Reps would be happy to troubleshoot that for you.

Please feel free to post any additional technical problems in our dedicated tech thread HERE.

Since this is a technical issue, I will need to lock this thread.


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