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A Couple of Tips to Avoid Frustration...

[Post New]by Gembirdie on May 8, 14 9:52 PM
Hello everybody. This is a great game. Truly. But: here are some tips that will help you get less annoyed while you're playing it:

1. It can happen that Violett gets stuck and can't move anymore. Exit the game and it usually works again when you get back into it

2. Do realize that the hint button only works when there is a little line ABOVE the circle. As soon as you see it, click to get the hint, even if you don't need it, because the hint button recharges not by time - but by number of steps taken! (That means it's mostly useless...)

3. Try to talk with everybody as soon as you enter a new area - that will usually give you a good idea about the problems you have to solve - and use all the doors you find - they might include the solution to your problem

4. Don't hesitate to close the game and get help from a walkthrough when needed. Sometimes, even then, it might not be easy to actually do what you're supposed to.

5. Remember to have fun!

Hope this helps...


Re:A Couple of Tips to Avoid Frustration...

[Post New]by swampie on May 28, 14 3:54 AM
Thanks for the tips.

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