ok I'm exhausted

[Post New]by carrionbaggage on May 9, 14 2:04 PM
something in a tree and I can't get it, can;t find anything to get it...have spent an hour or more on several occasions trying to get past this snag....it doesns't matter what I have....a rag, a gaff, this that...nothing will get the effing thing out of the tree that I have in my supply.....I wish Big Fish Games wouldn't scam us on bad games....thank god I only spent $3.99 or something....what happened to the original Shiver or several other games I have that are actually good games...I wish somebody would develop a site for games that are not runny around runny around runny around oh lets do this before you do that so that you don't have to think wish there were games that you don't have to groan about how bad the story is (insulting.....) wish Big Fish games would break down WHO is giving reviews....I don't want to play games that little girls 7 years of age play or little boys for that matter...is there anyone out there that has a site for adults who don't like gooblie gooblins spooking everyone and no one and which provides GAMES THAT WORK AND IN WHICH YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO THINK TO PLAY and not run around here, and back and here and back and here and backie backie backie and lets have the AWFUL hidden items (oh, itty bitty kitty ****)

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